How's this for a fun and unique way to announce that you're pregnant? Share your big news in a special way through EMP!
Did you know you can spend a day with EMP? Well, you can! This is a video of our day with Audrey Haley. Not only did she get this beautiful video, but our photographer took some awesome photos of our day together too! So Audrey's parents get to remember the way she looked, talked, moved and twirled at this age forever! Book your day with EMP today!
The Stewart family welcomes their newest addition, Gracie Elliott Stewart. Proud to watch my big brother and his wife present their bundle of joy to the family.
Scott and Wendy Heavrin waited two years (one full year longer than it was expected to take) to finally bring home their beautiful daughter Malia. Friends and family anxiously awaited them at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee. We were honored to capture the event on camera and put together this video montage.