Curt Stewart of Emerging Media Production and a team of people from First Baptist Church in Paducah and Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rivers traveled to Moldova Noua, Romania in May of 2012. Many of the children in this video are gypsies who are treated unfairly and live in terrible conditions. Families have as many as 12 children living in a one bedroom apartment.
This video was shot from Dr. Growe's helicopter in the Oaks Road area of McCracken County during the 2011 flood. Several of us went out to help sandbag throughout the area as well as on Benton Road and Metropolis. As amazing as this helicopter ride was, I hope to never experience anything like this in our area again.
Day 2 of First Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Church's mission trip to Moldova Noua, Romania. We visited poverty stricken families living in terrible conditions. We brought them food and prayed with them. Several broke down and cried because they were so thankful. This was an incredibly moving trip and one that Emerging Media Productions was happy to be a part of.