This video was produced ENTIRELY by EMP. Music and everything! Our new sound guy Josh Carlton is SUPER talented. A great group of kids over at Paducah Tilghman. We had a great time working with them and can't wait to see what they do this season!
These girls were awesome! We laughed a lot and had a great time shooting video with them! However, they were not impressed with our basketball skills. We attempted a game of HORSE, but since we couldn't hit 90% of our shots it turned into a game of EMP. Good thing we're better with video than we are at basketball.
This is just a taste of the videos we produced for the McCracken County football team's scoreboard in 2013. We also provided a taking the field video, player intros, twitter promos and more. All of the music for this video was provided by Hearts of Saints. You can find more of their great work at
WPSD's Jeff Bidwell put together some great highlights from our region's football history and we had the pleasure of spicing those highlights up with some new graphics. Then we created a promo at the end of the video that plays just before the Mustangs take the field.